About Beth


Beth Vaughan is a Consciousness Exploration Facilitator, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Teacher and Consultant, and a specialist in Medication Therapy Management. Like many people, her own journey began with a spiritual crisis. Her husband suffered a tragic brain injury while wounded in the line of duty. In supporting him through his recovery and witnessing his struggle, she became filled with frustration and began questioning her faith. In seeking answers to life’s questions, she began her path toward self-healing. Two things had a profound impact in her healing, Spiritual Response Therapy and The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Voyage Program. In working with the tools, techniques, and technologies of both, she was able to transcend her circumstances and also discover her life’s purpose, to teach, train and mentor others to help them lead a better life. Beth is dedicated to helping others live a happy, joyful, and fulfilling life. She offers workshops and classes in both SRT and TMI’s Outreach and E-Learning Programs.