SRT Advanced

Advanced Training Workshop $550


Supernatural being in sky


The Advanced Training Workshop is a 3 day intensive course (total of 24 hours) designed to provide you with advanced tools for clearing past programs, repatterining your thoughts, and preparing you for your highest potential. The Basic Training Workshop is a prerequisite for this course.

Over the course of 3 days you will review the Basic Principles of SRT and discover how to:

  • Research and clear programs on advance charts
  • Complete a full clearing for yourself and others
  • Begin to manage conscious mind energies to prevent programs
  • Use spiritual brain repatterining techniques and clear your inner child
  • Interpret dreams
  • Balance brain/mind meld
  • Apply Organ Gland healing treatment
  • Perform Crystalline Re-Structuring

Advanced Training Workshop $550

This course transformed my life!- Sandy, Houston